Patricia Cleghorn is Principal of Orchid, an author and speaker. She has an exceptionally wide range of experience in helping people to flourish.

Patricia has featured in the national press, in many magazines, as well as on radio and television.

Her latest book, Confidence Boosters! is available now.


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'Very useful - it shows you how to create harmony in your team and achieve your objectives more effectively.' SS, Manager, BOC Int Headquarters.

'Great value both for the individual and the company. Extremely supportive! Positive and constructive from the start.' DH, Finance Director, North Surrey Water Co.

'Many personal and professional benefits for people throughout our business world-wide.' GM, Human Resources Manager, BTG International Ltd, London

'These courses have given me information and insights which help me to handle the demands of my role. What I learned on the tutor training programme continues to be invaluable in building the self-confidence of vulnerable young teenagers.' PM, Senior Social Worker, Child Protection, London Borough of Hackney.

'Personal Leadership helped staff through major changes. The Move Forward with Confidence Tutor Training for our lecturers means that many students throughout the college now benefit. Excellent feedback, it helps with studying, getting a job and in the workplace.' AW, line manager and lecturer, Ealing Hammersmith and West London College.

'Patricia's workshops can help nurture some of the most important things you need in writing, in business, or in life: confidence and inspiration.' Niall Murtagh, author of 'The Blue-Eyed Salaryman', published by Profile Books.