Patricia Cleghorn is Principal of Orchid, an author and speaker. She has an exceptionally wide range of experience in helping people to flourish.

Patricia has featured in the national press, in many magazines, as well as on radio and television.

Her latest book, Confidence Boosters! is available now.


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New Courses

  • Write That Book

    Do you want to write a book?
    Then how about writing a great book!
    Whether it’s that novel you’ve started, you want to share your expertise or you have a brilliant idea for a book relating to your business, this half-day course will help you move forward to write that book. Even if you are just starting out writing, you will gain confidence, practical help and inspiration.

  • Flourish!
    Sustain the energy of success in your own business or career progression.
    Flourish in all of your life...
    In-house and open group courses for women; one-to-one sessions for all.
  • Thinx! Beats Spanx!
    Use your brain, not elastane, to create your ideal body- weight.
    More about mood than food…
    In-house and open group courses for women; one-to-one sessions for all.
  • Prosper!
    Use the power of your sub-conscious mind to help not hinder you.
    Work at an energy level for the results you want, with easy-to-use Practical Meditation techniques, to draw your clients, sales and money to you…
    Recommended for small businesses and self-employed people.
    For all. In-house and open group courses; one–to-one sessions.

These courses use our tried and tested approaches.

Many hundreds of people have benefitted from our Orchid Personal Focus courses.

Please contact to discuss an in-house course, one-to-one sessions or an invitation to an open course.