Patricia Cleghorn is Principal of Orchid, an author and speaker. She has an exceptionally wide range of experience in helping people to flourish.

Patricia has featured in the national press, in many magazines, as well as on radio and television.

Her latest book, Confidence Boosters! is available now.


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Lecturers, Teachers and Social Workers

A special Personal Leadership programme has been designed for lecturers, teachers and social workers.

You have one of the most important jobs in society today and the opportunity to influence the future of many young people. At this time of rapid change and increased demands on you, it is important to have the means to maintain a high level of personal esteem, energy and focus.

To help you flourish, this programme provides approaches to:

  • Build and maintain high self-esteem
  • Ensure your thoughts are helpful
  • Use your emotions constructively
  • Reduce your stress levels with Practical Relaxation techniques
  • Maintain poise under pressure!
  • Stay self-motivated and focused on what is important to you
  • Value your work and your personal influence.

Instruction in Practical Relaxation is included.

Move Forward With Confidence Tutor Training

This programme is especially designed and taught by Patricia Cleghorn, for you to use with your students, who want to build their self-confidence, self-motivation and ability to succeed.

Topics include Building Self-Confidence and Self-Esteem; Choosing Success Thoughts; Calm Those Emotions!; Concentrate for Results; Spotlight on You! (for interviews and presentations); Exams, Self-Motivation; Goal-Setting for Success.

An important part of this unique programme is the provision of CDs, developed and presented by Patricia Cleghorn. The Talks and Calm Cues (Practical Relaxations) on these CDs, are to be played in class with copies for your students to use at home. As students listen to these CDs between classes it reinforces points made in class and makes it easy for students to learn to both relax deeply and to focus. This has many benefits including a reduction in stress, improved concentration, greater poise and confidence, as well as the self-motivation to succeed.

'Excellent for focusing on what you want to achieve and reinforcing your determination to succeed. Subsequent training added to my skills by providing very effective strategies for building confidence and self-motivation in young people.'
S.A., Teacher, Derbyshire

'These courses have given me information and insights which help me to handle the demands of my role. What I learned on the tutor training programme continues to be invaluable in building the self-confidence of vulnerable young teenagers.'
P.M., Senior Social Worker, Child Protection, London Borough of Hackney

'Personal Leadership helped staff through major changes. The Move Forward with Confidence Tutor Training for our lecturers means that many students throughout the college now benefit. Excellent feedback. It helps with studying, getting a job and in the workplace.'
A.W., line manager and lecturer, Ealing, Hammersmith and West London College

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