Patricia Cleghorn is Principal of Orchid, an author and speaker. She has an exceptionally wide range of experience in helping people to flourish.

Patricia has featured in the national press, in many magazines, as well as on radio and television.

Her latest book, Confidence Boosters! is available now.


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Move Forward with Confidence
for Young People

Move Forward with Confidence is specially designed for people aged 16-26 who want to build their self-esteem, self-motivation and ability to succeed.

Orchid has for a number of years successfully provided Move Forward with Confidence courses for young people in organisations and in education.

Excellent feedback – helps with studying, getting a job and in the workplace.

Provided for many in business and in the public sector as well as those in education including University of St Andrews, the Institute of Technology, Blanchardstown, Dublin and Ealing, Hammersmith and West London College.

Move Forward with Confidence
Could you use some extra self-confidence right now? Do you want to focus more effectively on your studies and your job-search? Flourish when the spotlight is on you? Facing challenges and important decisions? Are you ready to move forward and succeed?

This programme will help you, by showing you how to help yourself to flourish. Topics include: Confidence! Concentration, Emotional Calm, Communicate for Co-operation, Spotlight On You! (for interviews and presentations), Exams, Creating Success.

Instruction in using Calm Cues, Practical Relaxations, is included. Useful in your daily life, especially when the spotlight is on you, in job interviews and presentations.

As well as supporting students during their course, improvement in results and in retention are reported.

Move Forward with Confidence (for those in employment)

Helps younger staff to build more confidence and focus more effectively on their work, to move forward and succeed.

The organisation benefits as well as the individual because each person who completes Move Forward with Confidence will learn how to stay self-confident, self-motivated, focused and productive – valuable attributes in a member of staff.

The course tutor will be Patricia Cleghorn or a tutor specially trained by her. There is an Orchid Move Forward with Confidence Tutor Training course for those who work with young people.

Orchid provides Move Forward with Confidence for people at work, in education and those seeking a job. Great help for studying, in getting a job and in the workplace.

This unique programme will be specially designed to suit your requirements and is open to those who want to boost their self-confidence, self-motivation and ability to succeed

Quotes from young people in business and the public sector

'Opened my eyes to lots of things.'

'Exceeded my expectations and provided some very useful ideas for improving confidence.'

'I enjoyed the amount of involvement in the course.'

'A good opportunity to discuss personal situations in a relaxed atmosphere.'

'It was lovely to see people's hopes emerging and mine began to take shape.'

'Gave support in areas that needed attention.'

'Helped focus on ways I can positively move forward at work.'


'Initially I only expected to get some tips for an upcoming interview. When the course actually started, I realized I was going to achieve much more than that. I have learned to build up and boost self-confidence from the inside. I feel my life is changing so that the situations I used to find difficult are gradually under my control.'
L.C., Post Graduate Business Programme, School of Management, University of St Andrews.

'Course was extremely useful and interesting. It covered a lot of areas that have been bothering me and has helped me significantly … I know now that I can change and choose the way I think to benefit me.'
L.W., ITB, Blanchardstown, Dublin

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