Create Your Ideal Body-Weight!

Thrive in turbulent times with Patricia Cleghorn’s courses, coaching and books.
Be calm, conscious and confident as you move forward.

Create Your Ideal Body-Weight!

An Orchid Flourish! One Day Course.

Feel happy and relaxed as you reach and maintain your ideal body-weight. More about mood than food!

An approach to body-weight that enhances your life, helping you achieve results you can sustain. Start now and stop ‘weighting’!

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Learn gentle, effective, enjoyable, tried and tested ways to:

  • Create and maintain the results you want
  • Like yourself more right now
  • Have your thoughts help you
  • Feel more comfortable with all your emotions
  • Relax your body and your mind
  • Listen to your personal intuition on what is right for you
  • Have your body-weight plan enhance your life

Instruction in Practical Relaxation is included with Calm Cues to use throughout the day.

This course will be taught by Patricia Cleghorn personally.

Patricia has pioneered this new approach to weight and food management, introducing it to slimming organisations, studios and spas. To discuss booking this course inhouse for your own organisation, studio or spa, please contact us.

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