Business and the Public Sector

Thrive in turbulent times with Patricia Cleghorn’s courses, coaching and books.
Be calm, conscious and confident as you move forward.

Business and the Public Sector

Whether you are a multi-national, small business or in the public sector, Orchid courses help people to boost confidence, stay calm and focused on success in challenging times.

Excellent track record of success

Orchid has an excellent track record of success with diverse organisations including Anglian Water, Barts Hospital, Heinz, ICI, BTG International and BOC. Courses for those in education include those given at University of St Andrews, the Institute of Technology, Blanchardstown, Dublin, and Ealing, Hammersmith and West London College.

All courses, coaching and speaking engagements are available online

Courses Include:

  • Personal Focus for Success
  • Personal Leadership: Boost Your Self-Esteem, Lower Stress!
  • Executive Focus
  • Move Forward with Confidence (for young people)
  • Move Forward with Confidence Tutor Training
  • Creating Your New Life (for those retiring)
  • Special Personal Focus Programme (for those facing redundancy or redeployment).

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